Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is there any thing new in SQL SERVER DENALI

Hello Frds,

hope you guys are doing great.we already had a close look of SQL SERVER former versions till R2.

2012 year brought an exited Gift for us called SQL SERVER DENALI(2012).Is it not guys? Every IT professional should speed up there actions to know about this Highly anticipated version.

Today i would like to give an simple and basic task of Denali called Its new features.

There are huge number of upgrades incense of features. I will present some of those.

  1. Always Availability Groups:
  2. This is one of interesting feature in Denali,it takes the Database mirroring to the next level.Instead of one Fail-over database,users can be able to perform multiples in groups.The secondary copies also readable  by users and also used for database backups.                 
  3. Column Store Index:
  4. Covered index,filtered index are one of the closest features in sql server2008R2 till we are aware.This index is special type of read only index for data warehousing queries.Data is grouped and stored in flat and compressed in column store index.well designed for reducing I/O and memory consumption of larger queries.
  5. User Defined Server Roles: 
  6. DBA s having the ability to create custom database role,but never server wide. For example, if the DBA wanted to give a development team read/write access to every database on a shared server, traditionally the only ways to do it were either manually, or using undocumented procedures. Neither of which were good solutions. Now, the DBA can create a role, which has read/write access on every DB on the server, or any other custom server wide role.
    5. Enhanced Auditing Features : Audit is now available in all editions of SQL Server. Additionally, users can define custom audit specifications to write custom events into the audit log. New filtering features give greater flexibility in choosing which events to write to the log.
    6. BI Semantic Model : This is replacing the Analysis Services Unified Dimensional Model (or cubes most people referred to them). It's a hybrid model that allows one data model will support all BI experiences in SQL Server. Additionally, this will allow for some really neat text infographics\

  1. 7. Sequence Objects :For those folks who have worked with Oracle, this has been a long requested feature. A sequence is just an object that is a counter -- a good example of it's use would be to increment values in a table, based a trigger. SQL has always had similar functionality with identity columns, but now this is a discrete object.

    8. Enhanced PowerShell Support : Windows and SQL Server admins should definitely start brushing up on their PowerShell scripting skills. Microsoft is driving a lot of development effort into instrumenting all of their server-based products with PowerShell. SQL 2008 gave DBAs some exposure to it, but there are many more in cmdlets in SQL 2012.

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